Good story.

Last night I went to a reception for the Sundance filmmakers at the Directors Guild, and if it wasn’t apparent before that Sundance is a big festival, the reception last night made this clear. I had one too many glasses of the free pinot, and maybe one too many duck spring rolls, before coming home and falling asleep before midnight.

Now it’s six in the morning and I’m up, which isn’t so unusual except that usually I haven’t slept already. I plan to sleep for a few more hours before truly getting up, but sometimes I enjoy these strange sleep breaks that are a result of my fucked-up schedule.

The flash drive they gave me last night was full of DGA propaganda, with room for little else, so I took the keychain part off and used it to attach my big flash drive to my keychain. Good story.

It doesn’t really feel like Christmas, but I reckon it will once I get home.

I’m fading, and I feel sleep part two coming on.

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