“The unendurable is the beginning of the curve of joy.”
~Djuana Barnes


“Where is the fear of intrusive government when we need it?”

The great “Ground Zero mosque” hoax (Washington Post)

Kings Highway

Kings Highway Station, Brooklyn

base fear and bigotry

“The campaign against this mosque is one of the ugliest and most odious controversies in some time. It’s based purely on appeals to base fear and bigotry. There are no reasonable arguments against it, and the precedent that would be set if its construction were prevented — equating Islam with Terrorism, implying 9/11 guilt for Muslims generally, imposing serious restrictions on core religious liberty — are quite serious. It was Michael Bloomberg who first stood up and eloquently condemned this anti-mosque campaign for what it is, but Obama’s choice to lend his voice to a vital and noble cause is a rare demonstration of principled, politically risky leadership. It’s not merely a symbolic gesture, but also an important substantive stand against something quite ugly and wrong. This is an act that deserves pure praise.”

~Glenn Greenwald,

7th AV

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Upper West Side, Manhattan

63rd & Lexington, Manhattan

63rd & Lexington, Manhattan

63rd & Lexington, Manhattan

Park Slope, Brooklyn

Park Slope, Brooklyn


“It’s not so important that people like your films. It’s only important that you make something that you like.”
~John Cassavetes


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