don’t think of the other places you should have been

      Gold in the Air of Summer – Kings of Convenience


On the last day of the last decade, I heard an NPR story that seemed to be begging me to rush home and re-edit it, which I did, and I promptly included it on a mix I gave Dean for his New Year’s birthday.  Now I include it on here, for your June 17th…


…if you can guess (no cheating) what the original story was about, I’ll give you a special prize.

The comments section is yours.


Simply vote. For me.

So I am one of six finalists to win a Canon 7D from, and now I need your help in the online voting.  Please visit the link below and vote for my video––”R.O.K.”––and then send the link on to everyone you know and encourage them to do the same.  You don’t have to register or provide any personal information, nor do you even have to watch the video if  you don’t want to.  Simply vote.  For me.

Here is the link:

Voting closes on Tuesday at 6 p.m.––thanks in advance, I will keep you posted.

you had me at “genuine discomfort”

“…a mixture of comedy, tragedy, and genuine discomfort…”

CineKink Las Vegas 2010 (Vegas Outsider)

It can’t all be wedding cake.

      The Underdog – Spoon

every time I take a stand

[mp3j track=”WorldSick.mp3″>World Sick –– Broken Social Scene

“I’ll take five houses”