and other stuff

Things I did in the aughts:

  • lived in ten different places
  • got a master’s degree
  • successfully lived with a cat
  • ate dog
  • dressed up in a bee costume
  • taught English to Korean children
  • fell in love four times
  • ate roasted grasshoppers in Bangkok
  • bought a boat
  • sold a boat
  • touched the Western Wall
  • shed my fish allergy
  • became an award-winning filmmaker
  • became a published writer
  • had a gun pulled on me in Savannah
  • watched one of my films in a tunnel in Mexico
  • struggled to maintain my sanity
  • screamed at a giant peanut statue in Georgia
  • read the entire Bible
  • ate pork in Jerusalem
  • made absinthe
  • took Arabic lessons in South Korea
  • appeared on South Korean television
  • appeared on Cleveland television
  • worked at MTV
  • saw a lunar eclipse in Tucson
  • had a run-in with monkeys in Kyoto
  • aged ten years

…and other stuff.







“Goldstar, Ohio”