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(The following is another email I sent out during my time in Mexico over the summer – deal with it.)

This town is bigger, but remarkable in it’s own way. It was once an old silver/copper(?) mining town, but is no longer (I think), so they converted all the old mining tunnels into regular car tunnels. I’ve never seen anything like it. Apparently there are about 15-20 tunnels, and they all have their own character – some are small and have rocky sides, some are 20/30 feet tall and have giant stone columns supporting them. I will take photos, as it’s hard to fully comprehend until you see it.

“Coverage” is screening tomorrow night in the tunnels, which might just be the coolest place I’ll ever have a film screened.

The town sits on a bed of hills/mountains, which – again – is hard to describe. Taxi rides to the center of town involve going through the tunnels and emerging on a hillside with a view of the whole town.

We are staying in a hotel that is next door to a huge castle and across the street from a gas station.

Tonight was the opening ceremony of the Guanajuato leg of the festival, and it was held in a huge auditorium/theatre on the top of the city. Mobs of paparazzi swarming the Mexican movie stars who are here, and an after party where a waiter stood by our table and continued to refill our tequila glasses until we were all a bit Mexican.

Went to a very local bar with my roommate earlier and when he asked where the toilet is (he speaks fluent Spanish), he was pointed to a lone urinal in the corner (in plain view of the entire bar). Needless to say, women aren’t allowed in this particular bar – not that they would want to come in anyway.

I’ve also taken to kissing a pretty girl from Montreal, which is – really – gravy.



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