last night

Tonight marks my last night getting paid to watch television all night.  My official job title was (fortunately for my resume) “Post Production Technical Assistant,” and I suppose there is a kernel of truth in that, but – in truth – I was a professional TV watcher for the last eleven months.  In spite of the physical and emotional toll it took (among other things), I will – no doubt –  look back on this as one of the more unusual and memorable things I’ve gotten paid to do.

Tonight I’m getting paid to watch “Bubba Ho Tep,” which is a welcome and unusual respite from The Hills and TNA Wrestling.  Of course it’s my last night.

In six hours I am flying to Mexico, where I plan to find the answers to all my questions in a bottle of tequila and a warm tortilla.  Fuck you, Rilke – I’m sick of living the questions, I want answers.

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