Knock knock knock.

So, after going 0-8, COVERAGE was finally accepted into a film festival.  The Method Fest, in northern Los Angeles, where it will be premiering at the end of March.  This is good news.

The bad news is that I am broke.  Too broke to afford anything but bare essentials in this town.  I’m already in forbearance on one student loan, and I’m considering it for another – it’s either that or health insurance, which really doesn’t seem like a fair choice at all (not in Obama’s America).  This, amidst news of a 2.5 trillion dollar bailout of the “mismanaged” banking industry with far too little oversight as to how they spend it – see also: negative reinforcement.  But I digress:  Being broke sucks, being broke in New York City sucks even more, and being broke when you need to get to L.A. in a month and a half for the premiere of your film is downright infuriating.

At least I have my health.  Knock knock knock.

Here’s the COVERAGE trailer, in high definition: