thirty hour thing

After a week of stress and sleeplessness I inevitably came down with a sudden burst of sick, beginning with a strange itch and running in my left nostril, and eventually turning into a (seemingly) thirty hour thing.

While sick, I watched Pineapple Express, if only because I like David Gordon Green, only to be left wondering (again) what the fuss about Judd Apatow is all about.  While his movies are usually fairly well-made, the humor in them rarely rises above the puerile (“balls!” “fag!” “stoned!”) and the stories are generally overwrought and waaaayyyy too long (Knocked Up was more than two hours long).  I’m clearly in the minority on this one, but it’s frustrating when a film like Knocked Up is praised as being an intelligent and groundbreaking comedy when it is actually a bunch of dick and fart jokes wrapped in an unwanted pregnancy story line.  Pineapple Express was a bunch of pot and gay jokes wrapped in a convoluted drug story line, and the only thing that resembled David Gordon Green was the inclusion of Danny McBride.

I’m still a bit sick, so just smile and nod and be happy I’m posting.

I need to leave the apartment today to buy litter for our cat’s shit-box, a feat which has gotten progressively harder as the winter has gotten colder and our apartment has gotten more comfortable.  A spacious and comfortable apartment is – perhaps – the most important key to maintaining one’s sanity in this city, especially when you are as broke as we two are.  Anyway, I’ll take the bus down to the disturbingly large pet store on 86th and buy an annoyingly large bag of litter that I will struggle to carry back to the bus stop, and when I bring it back home the cat will probably think it is food and get all excited and crap on the floor.  Sigh.  Sometimes I really wish our cat understood how good she has it, but I fear she’s forgotten all about her early days on the streets and now gets annoyed when we have to cut her claws.  Feline ingrate.  

Anyway, I need to do that now, after I take a shower and shave this snot-encrusted stubble off my face.

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