pinched nose and a coffee stirrer

I hesitate to speak too soon (so to speak) but as I sit here in my Manhattan living room sipping a glass of Christmas Scotch (thanks, Sister), it feels like we may actually have survived.  With the inauguration of Barack Obama less than eight hours away, the weight of the last eight years is finally starting to lift.  Was it just gas, this administration that – now that all is (almost) said and done – seems even worse than they seemed two weeks ago?  No, gas is a brief inconvenience – a moment of stink that quickly dissipates.  The Bush Administration was a giant pile of shit that we’ll be spending the next five, ten, fifteen years scraping off the bottom of our shoes with a pinched nose and a coffee stirrer.

I don’t hesitate to write that every one of the 25% of Americans who still apparently think that the Bush Administration did a pretty good job are incomprehensibly ignorant. 

I’m as cynical as the next guy about the challenges and realities of the new administration, but this moment in history overrides my cynicism.  The impending inauguration of Barack Obama is – if only briefly – a profoundly meaningful event in the history of our country.  I’m disarmingly proud – for the first time proud – to be an American this morning.

Or maybe it’s just the Scotch.


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