gum disease advice

I have been living in this big city for about a month now, and have yet to locate the elusive employment that will (hypothetically) provide me with money with which to pay off my incessantly interest-ing pile of debt. It gets closer, however, as I finally have my website up and some promising contacts from my well-connected girlfriend (henceforth referred to as “Laura” or “L”). Beyond that, I’m going to a temp agency on Monday to prepare for worst-case-scenario scenarios, although I’m told that my editing/tech/office skill set is a lucrative one in the temping business – yay.

My website, by the by, is here: Feel free to gander and argue.

I have exactly two pairs of pants without holes in them, which is also something that employment will eventually take care of, although it seems like something that requires my immediate attention in order to obtain the solution. There’s a word for a situation like this, but I don’t have it on me.

I went to the dentist yesterday because of a mild toothache, and was charged $100 for one x-ray (no cavity) and advice about my (apparent) gum disease. The x-ray cost $25, you do the math for the advice. That is the first and last time I will ever pay someone to talk to me about gum disease. Everything is, apparently, more expensive in NYC – although, truth be told, I’ve never priced gum disease advice anywhere else.

I’ve got too much to do today to justify persisting with this drivel, although I love you all for staying with me – especially through the dentist paragraph. You got gusto.

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