Hello again.

Hello again.  

Yes, it’s me – do you remember me?  I started putting words here on the Internet in 2003 (which was, incidentally, quite a while before most everyone else did (I AM A TRENDSETTER)), and – at the time – I was a fairly aimless twenty-nine year old, preparing to find my aim (or some semblance of it) in South Korea, of all places.  Now, almost five years on, I find myself a surprisingly aim-filled thirty-four year old, living in the heart of New York City with a life that I never would have imagined possible were it not my own.

It is only by embracing the inevitability of change that we are able to mold it into the life we desire.

No promises on the upkeep of this blog, only that it will continue to exist and be considered as an outlet for my whirling absurdish.  I would call this new thing “whirling absurdish,” were it not such a stupid fucking name for anything.  I’m embarrassed to have spent two (nay, three) sentences on it now, and this seems to be – if anything – a good excuse to stop now.

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