shocked and exausted

I am back in Savannah, and I got straight A’s last quarter.

Color me shocked and exausted.

5 comments to shocked and exausted

  • How is Anderson the stray cat?

  • Jef

    Anderson is fine, and he thanks you for your concern about his well-being.

    No. No, he doesn’t thank you, or me. All he does is sit by my door and meow until I feed him, and then he walks away without a glance. Ingrate.

  • Yah, cats are like that, eh? Thankless mounds of fur and meow.
    Outstanding on the grades, Jef – congratulations!

  • Congratulations, and salutations, la la la lalalalala laaaaa

  • As though getting straight A’s making films about your feelings and sadness and love and more sadness and more feelings and 9/11-erotica is that hard.


    Oh, and happy birthday, fucker. (I’ll be the first to open the door to what will presumably be many heartfelt and shlocky best wishes.;)

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