"Feffrey Faylor"

I did very little this week, for lack of blood-pressure. While I don’t feel entirely better this afternoon, I did wake up and drink a cup of coffee, which is generally a good indication of a return to form. God willing.

I did get a Georgia driver’s license this week, and on the left side of my license — under the word “SEX” — there is an “F.” Right. The computer woman did admit to me that she’d forgotten her glasses that day, after I pointed out that she had typed “Feffrey Faylor” on her screen. Would I have known that she was going to give me a sex change, I might have stuck with “Feffrey Faylor.” As it is, I am now a legal resident of Georgia — registered to vote and all that — but as a woman. I weep for the future.

I spent much of this week watching too much television, and as a result I am now anxiously awaiting the “Beauty and the Geek” finale and am eager to purchase the new Oral-B toothbrush — “Triumph.” No more guessing how long I’ve been brushing, this year’s “must-have holiday gift” will tell me when two minutes have passed.

2 comments to "Feffrey Faylor"

  • you could do a movie like “glen or glenda” and call it “jef or feffery”.

  • This entry made me laugh hard and loud in the middle of a “Siffy” internet shop. Now a bunch of Indian men have looked up from their porn and are staring at me instead. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

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