most (apparently) people

Brief update:

  • The Fall Quarter finally ended a week ago, and I did manage to finish both my final film and my paper — the film I am proud of, the paper I didn’t even have time to proofread.  I am semi-anxiously awaiting the arrival of my final grades.
  • I am currently in New York City once again, where I’ve been decompressing, movie-going, and friend-seeing since Thanksgiving.  I like it here, and I have quite a few friends here, and this is good considering I’ll likely be moving here once I finish my MFA.
  • I turn 33 in less than a week, and am beginning to think that I should be getting a yearly physical like most (apparently) people my age.  I hate doctors, but I fear death — one of these must out.
  • I Amtrak back to Savannah on Thursday, where it is warm and I have a filthy apartment to finally organize and clean up.

…as you were.

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