capture and pack

The end of the quarter is nigh — only six days of class left, and only one fifteen page paper on John Cassavetes to write and a directing final to finish shooting and editing. In spite of, or perhaps because of, the amount of work that I have to complete in the next two weeks, I’ve settled into a relative state of calm contentment these last few days. Perhaps I’ve come to terms with the fact that the work will get done, must get done, or perhaps I’m just looking forward to spending Thanksgiving in NYC with friends.

I’m going to Columbia, South Carolina for the weekend to shoot some scenes for the thesis film I cast and am now script supervising. It will be nice to get away from Savannah, but my laptop and books will be accompanying me, so the work will be there when the picture is down. I’ve never been to Columbia, South Carolina, and I know absolutely nothing about it aside from the fact that there is a roller rink there that we are shooting at. People don’t take to roller-skating much these days — not so in Columbia, South Carolina.

Shot another piece of my directing final last night, and it went as well as I could have hoped — it was fun, and the footage is perfect. Let’s hope I can fit these pieces together into some sort of pseudo-comprehendible whole.

Other things, but I must capture and pack.

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