scotch and words with friends

The smack in the face, it came tonight. It stung for a while, but the scotch and words with friends has assuaged the pain somewhat.

Still, though, I’m considering a week-long escape route — I need to get away from this. This everything, and I’m not sure there’s a place I can go to escape from it.

Is this a breath of fresh air entering my lungs, or simply an altered perspective?

There’s a stray cat in my alley that I’ve been feeding — “Anderson” — and it makes me feel good to go outside and have him sitting there with a look of insecurity and need. I can relate to that, yet I use intoxicators instead of Kibbles ‘n’ Bits.

Art school. Life. Madness. Love. What are these? How do I escape them? Do they sell heart-repellant sleeves at Old Navy?

I shaved all my facial hair off earlier today, and I have decided to blame my smooth upper lip for the mess of this evening.

Look at how ambiguous I can be! Leave the audience guessing, or so said whatshis/hername.

I’ll sleep well tonight knowing that she’ll regret. She will regret, they all do…eventually.

6 comments to scotch and words with friends

  • Dan Duvall

    What the hell are you babbling about? Also, you should adopt Anderson at once and turn him into a strictly indoor cat; he’ll live longer that way.

  • Jef

    I am allergic to cats — Anderson must remain outdoors.

  • You? Cavorting with a cat? Damn. Shaving off that moustache really MUST have fucked with your head.

    Girls are dumb. Hope you find that breath of fresh air.

  • brian

    i’ve worn a fake mustache several times and they do give a person special powers. right after pulling it off i get a feeling that i can only compare to walking out of the roller rink after 5 hours of skating. it’s just weird. jennie’s never hit me, though.

  • Jef

    It was a metaphorical smack in the face in my case, but I think that Jennie should do it to you for real. I’m sure you deserve it

  • brian

    my mustache was metaphorical

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