Self Portrait

Self Portrait 1.0

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"Throw me a peanut."

      Like A Monkey In The Zoo ~ Daniel Johnston


Last night I had a remarkably vivid dream that I was leaving some unidentifiable place, crying as I said goodbye to friends from all the phases of my life. It was so vivid, in fact, that when I woke up I was surprised to find myself not going anywhere, but instead living in a small cottage in Georgia pursuing my MFA in Film. A tinge of disappointment, even…

I don’t think I’m good at stasis, and I’ve been living in the same place for a year. I’m a legal resident of Georgia now, for better or for worse, and if graduate school doesn’t keep me here then my new computer certainly will.

May my alarm clock wake me up, may I get out of bed, and may I do the work that I signed up to do. I’ve lived lives before this, and I will live lives after this, but may I please find the perspective to live my present life presently.

(My self-help book will be out shortly.)

Footnote: I produced the “SCAD Day October” segment here. If you look close you can see me awkwardly attaching microphones to interviewees. Very exciting.