Boo, and all that.

Today I found out that the lighthouse location that I had been told was locked was not locked at all. Was — in fact — unlocked and thus drifted away into the sea of cinematic good intentions. So, now I have a script that I can’t shoot, a boat that I don’t need, and am basically back at square one for my directing final. I can only shoot this weekend, as I’m working on a thesis shoot for the rest of the quarter, so I’ve essentially found myself with four days to put together a movie. I’m going to try and get an incomplete in the class, thus allowing me the time to re-conceive and write a new film, and then shoot it in NYC with friends over break. Dunno if the professor will allow this, but it’s worth a shot — I really don’t want to have to rush through another last-minute film production, although I reckon I’ll probably have to turn something in by the end of the quarter. Damn.

So, no, not the best of days. Not the best of quarters, actually.

Happy Halloween. Boo, and all that.

2 comments to Boo, and all that.

  • eric

    50% of my graduate academic career was composed of incompletes. i hope it works out for you.

  • Rybo

    If you shoot in NYC I know a guy that operates a mean boom and grips like a MoFo.

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