alternately vomiting and eating

I filmed a woman as she ate three pounds of white rice off the ground this weekend. It was one of the most bizarre and amazing things I have witnessed, let alone shot. It took her almost three hours, and towards the end she was alternately vomiting and eating. I like performance art.

On Thursday I got my presentation on the D.I.Y. music and art movement in the 1980’s out of the way, and well at that (apparently), so that’s one less thing for me to stress about. I like The Replacements, and I admire Mission of Burma.

After eating dinner with some friends tonight, I finally found the burst of creative energy I’ve been searching for and came up with an idea for my final project for my directing class. I hope my teacher will approve, and that the Tybee Island Lighthouse will allow me to shoot in there. I like lighthouses.

I smiled and laughed more this weekend than I have in quite some time, which is something. I’m realizing that my contentment bar is often set far too high, and also that my life is better than I often give it credit for. I like laughing and smiling.

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