Boo, and all that.

Today I found out that the lighthouse location that I had been told was locked was not locked at all. Was — in fact — unlocked and thus drifted away into the sea of cinematic good intentions. So, now I have a script that I can’t shoot, a boat that I don’t need, and am basically back at square one for my directing final. I can only shoot this weekend, as I’m working on a thesis shoot for the rest of the quarter, so I’ve essentially found myself with four days to put together a movie. I’m going to try and get an incomplete in the class, thus allowing me the time to re-conceive and write a new film, and then shoot it in NYC with friends over break. Dunno if the professor will allow this, but it’s worth a shot — I really don’t want to have to rush through another last-minute film production, although I reckon I’ll probably have to turn something in by the end of the quarter. Damn.

So, no, not the best of days. Not the best of quarters, actually.

Happy Halloween. Boo, and all that.

as well

The fact that I’ve only posted untitled photos and a song over the past week hopefully indicates that I’ve been busy. Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually busy, or if I’m just busy thinking about all the work I have to do — in the end, it’s probably a combination of the two.

Most of my busy has involved producing my directing final – Lighthouse. It’s going to be a five to ten minute film about a man who is unhappily married to a lighthouse keeper, and who is eventually driven to change (or not) by the coaxing of the lighthouse — isolation, craziness, love, claustrophobia, etc. It’s an ambitious project, truth be told, if only for the logistics of the thing: we’re shooting overnight in an abandoned lighthouse that is only accessible by boat, we’re using only naturalistic light (lanterns, candles, spotlights, etc.), and the crew (by neccessity) is very small. To top it all off, it turns out we might not have permission to shoot there, which means we will have to wear guerilla costumes, as well. Shh…

The Savannah Film Festival starts this weekend, as well, and I’m really not very excited about it. The only people I’m really excited about seeing are David Zucker and Bill Plympton, although Tommy Lee Jones is the (seeming) main attraction this year. My only real goal is to get David Zucker to sign my copy of Airplane!.

I have to go brush my teeth now.



"You should see the other guy…"


"Words so long never could save us."

      First Night ~ The Hold Steady

scotch and words with friends

The smack in the face, it came tonight. It stung for a while, but the scotch and words with friends has assuaged the pain somewhat.

Still, though, I’m considering a week-long escape route — I need to get away from this. This everything, and I’m not sure there’s a place I can go to escape from it.

Is this a breath of fresh air entering my lungs, or simply an altered perspective?

There’s a stray cat in my alley that I’ve been feeding — “Anderson” — and it makes me feel good to go outside and have him sitting there with a look of insecurity and need. I can relate to that, yet I use intoxicators instead of Kibbles ‘n’ Bits.

Art school. Life. Madness. Love. What are these? How do I escape them? Do they sell heart-repellant sleeves at Old Navy?

I shaved all my facial hair off earlier today, and I have decided to blame my smooth upper lip for the mess of this evening.

Look at how ambiguous I can be! Leave the audience guessing, or so said whatshis/hername.

I’ll sleep well tonight knowing that she’ll regret. She will regret, they all do…eventually.



alternately vomiting and eating

I filmed a woman as she ate three pounds of white rice off the ground this weekend. It was one of the most bizarre and amazing things I have witnessed, let alone shot. It took her almost three hours, and towards the end she was alternately vomiting and eating. I like performance art.

On Thursday I got my presentation on the D.I.Y. music and art movement in the 1980’s out of the way, and well at that (apparently), so that’s one less thing for me to stress about. I like The Replacements, and I admire Mission of Burma.

After eating dinner with some friends tonight, I finally found the burst of creative energy I’ve been searching for and came up with an idea for my final project for my directing class. I hope my teacher will approve, and that the Tybee Island Lighthouse will allow me to shoot in there. I like lighthouses.

I smiled and laughed more this weekend than I have in quite some time, which is something. I’m realizing that my contentment bar is often set far too high, and also that my life is better than I often give it credit for. I like laughing and smiling.