pencil that in

I’m remarkably tired, and I realized about an hour ago that I am wearing my pajamas inside out. Life goes on.

My wonderful old friend (and ex-girlfriend) Colleen came to visit me last weekend, and I didn’t really appreciate how nice it was to have her here until I returned to my empty apartment with about ten hours worth of work to do on my self-portrait. Needless to say, it was a weekend full of laughter, reminiscence, and frivolity, and now I miss her more than I did before she came to visit. I wish I’d taken more pictures.

Despite my loneliness, I managed to stay up until six-thirty this morning finishing my self-portrait with the assistance of a remarkable new beverage called “BOO KOO.” It comes in a large can, it makes your eyes bleed and your urine smell, but my how it keeps you awake. The self-portrait came out well, I screened it in class this morning, but I still feel like it needs further tweaking that I’ll never have time for. I’ll try and get the screened version online sometime in the near future for all y’all.

I got a new work-study job editing and producing promotional video material for the school. Ten hours a week, good experience, and apparently one of the best paying work-study jobs on campus — these are all good things.

Time is the thing in short supply this quarter — I already feel overwhelmed and I’m only three weeks in.

I have a rental car until Wednesday, and my intense fatigue is fighting with an intense desire to drive to the beach at midnight and look at the stars. I should pencil that in for tomorrow.

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