must to get started

I made it back to Savannah both intact and on-time, which is remarkable considering my past.  I was forced to take a taxi from the train station back to my apartment, as someone failed to wake up and pick me up as they had repeatedly promised.  An extended guilt trip has been planned and executed.

I have a new computer in my apartment, but I am without Internet service until Monday.  I do like to get away from the slavery of the information superhighway from time to time, but it’s the beginning of the quarter and thus really an ideal time to be enslaved.  I’ll eat boiled pig intestines and allow my massa to rape me if it will allow me to check my email from home.

Until then, though, I begin busy with classes and so forth once again.  This quarter I am taking "Directing the Narrative" and "The Context of Filmmaking" — I will be directing and theorizing.  My first project — a video self-portrait — is due in a week, I must to get started on that.

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