Not artist-friendly, today’s world. . . but was there ever a world that was?  The conflict between artistic integrity and commercial success seems so much more acute now than it ever has been, almost to the point where "integrity" has become a dirty word. 

The cynic in me tells me that there’s no room for my "vision" in this capitalist gang-bang, that there’s only room for clever commercials and the continuing obsession with the bottom line.  Talent and originality mean so little in a world governed by dollars and cents.  I can cite exceptions, but not many. 

Has this always been the case, or is the increasingly commerce driven world really making art-for-art’s-sake a commodity that is ostensibly a non-commodity?

Even this school that I’m attending is, at its core, a corporation — a corporation that is making an absurd amount of money for a few people by churning out young "artists" into a world that is wholly over-saturated and under-prepared to deal with them. 

I’m not angry, just bitter, but I’m willing to bet that Rembrandt was bitter too, and Monet, and Jose Motos.  Picasso cut his goddamn ear off in an act of pure frustration in an increasingly artist-unfriendly world, and then he died in a mental institution. 

It’s very late, I’m still awake, and I should clearly be attempting sleep.   I think this lip-hair is affecting my brain.

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