kenny brown

My name is kenny
brown.I am in my early age of 50s and i am an european . I come to the
states and europe often mostly for business purposes cos i deal mostly
in jewellry. I supply watches,bracelets,wedding rings and jewellry to
stores in the states and europe .Infact that is my family business cos
we are from Switzerland. I bought a house last year in ,GEORGIA  cos i
love it there .It is peaceful and with a loving neighbourhood.
Unfortunately my father passed away on the 2nd of january 2006 and as
the only son in my family i have to go and take care of the family
business back in Geneva Switzerland and i realised that it will be very
difficult to supply goods to my clients again in ,GEORGIA while am away
and it will definitely cost me a lot to come over to receive payments
cos they pay mostly in checks and money orders .So to run the business
from there it will be difficult and will be impossible especially the
aspect of payment and i dont also want to lose my clients or customers
there . So what i intend doing is that i am looking  for some one to
stay at my house free of charge  .
I dont want to sell the house cos i just bought it and i will have all
the rest papers but i have ALL the keys now. I am simply looking for
someone that is honest and trustworthy and clean for two reasons 1. to
maintain the house when i am away and 2.To help me receive payments
from my clients within ,GEORGIA on my behalf in his/her name and have
it cashed cos they pay mostly checks and money orders and have the
funds wired to me here in Geneva,switzerland thru money gram
transfer/western union transfer . you dont have to pay me a dimme for
the accommodation. its just for the purpose of keeping my business
going on in ,GEORGIA  and if you wanna keep this assignment as a job
let me know so i can allocate 5% on each payment that you receive if at
all you dont wanna live in the house or if you are far from the house..
The house is a great one with clean
bathrooms,walk in closet,A gym ,All rooms and living room furnished
with electronics . If you want i can email you more pictures and if you
are interested i will send the keys to you via courier so you can go
and see the house. It is a very lovely house and there is no way you
wont like <!–
D([“mb”,”it.If you are interested in handling my business in ,GEORGIA and keeping the house neat, please send me your full name and address with your phone number..I am back in geneva Switzerland.
Email to






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you are interested in handling my business in ,GEORGIA and keeping the
house neat, please send me your full name and address with your phone
number..I am back in geneva Switzerland.
Email to 

Where is the house located?
As in have told you about My house.. Its a 4 bedroom flat in
central denver with all utilities in there.. I am only been concederate
to make someone live in the house for free and take care of my business
as well…  I will have loved to give you the exact address of the
house but the last time i gave someone the address they broke into the
house and alot of things were stolen also the front door was destroyed
which made the house insecured… I will be comiming to the state very
soon then i will take you the house if you are willing to live in there
and  take Good care of the house and handle my Business with
Trust.After the death of my father i realised that everything under
this world is vain..  i am presently in switzerland due to the recent
death of my father so i have relocated cos i have to go and take care
of the businesses.All you have to do about the business is just to
receiving payment from my client and earn  5% commission from each
payment you receive from my client. The payment which comes in money
Orders and checks… Also it comes via bank wire Transfers provided you
have an account in which this could be done..  I have some clients
which i dont wanna lose, they have been my client for long and i wil
not want to lose them at all. let me know if you can handle the payment
as this will be the 1st Trust text before i handle the keys of the
house to you as a sign of trust.It will be issued in your name so all
you do is get the payment  take to the bank for funds deduct 5%
commission and send it to me thru money gram transfer or Western union
then i can get it in switzerland or anywere i am .i have some payments
coming in this week from a  recent sale so if you will be abl to go
this  do email me with your full name,address with phone numbers to
accept the payments and get it done for me asap . All i need is your
sincerity and deligence in working with me and staying in my house.
wait to read from you asap.
Keep In touch.

In central Denver?  Hmm…  I was looking for a place in Savannah, Georgia.

You’re beginning to sound like a scam artist.





The house is located
in savannah area. one of my ciment is ready in your name andyour
address .and i dont wnat to loss my customer. i will want you to
provide me with your information .

  keeo in touch
Where exactly in Savannah is the house?

Hello, how are you  doing? hope fine .the house
is in mid town. so you can provide me with your on formation cos one of
my cloent is reday to amke payment in your name and your address.


keep in touch.
Hello, Kenny…

WOW!  "Mid town" sounds very convenient!

What kind of information do you need me to email you?

I understand that the house is very nice, but I was wondering if it
would be ok if I used it for my brothel and drug-dealing businesses.
The girls have all been tested, and are generally very clean — I could
put tarps down on the furniture and floors if it would make you more
comfortable.  As for the drugs, I mostly deal in crack and ketamine,
and I rarely let my clients "use" on the premises.

Please let me know what you think, thanks!

~Jef "Money-Time" Taylor




how are you doing
today ?i am so happy to read form you.i need your  full name,contact
address and your phone number, cos one of my client is ready to make
payment in your information.and i dont want to loss my customer.they
are very vital to me .


As in your business
well it is okay so far they can take care of my house . and i want  to
know more about the your business.[drug dealing].
Hi, Kenny!

I am doing very well today, thank you!  How are you?

am so happy to hear that you will let me use your house for
prostitution and drug-dealing, you don’t know how many potential
landlords frown on one (or both!) of these businesses. 

Before we "get down to business," however, I feel that it is
my duty to inform you that there may be some violence and/or police
action related to my line(s) of work.  The truth is, I must move as
soon as possible, as I have some clients who were not entirely
"satisfied" with the "level of service" my prostitutes were willing to
provide.  Also, one of my prostitutes died recently of a drug overdose
(ironic!) and may or may not be buried in the backyard.

Long story short:  I doubt the police will contact you, but if
they do, I need your word that you won’t provide them with my contact
information before I give it to you.  Give me your oath of honor, and I
will trust you to the grave.

Hope you are having a super Monday! 

~Jef "Mad Dog" Taylor




are you doing today? well i know you deal in all stuffs of drugs , but
i do come to the states occasionally to inspect my house. if it is
sealing a oath of honour you want , i will do that for you. …I
want you to understand something that i dont want you to mess up my
house , i want everything you will be doing there be a secret.dont let
to many people to know about it cos i dont want the police to  impound
my house  .i will let this a secret between us.DEAL!!!


now you can now send me your information.

Hello again, Kenny…

I appreciate your oath, but I don’t think
I will be able to guarantee that I won’t "mess up" your house.  Running
a whore-house is, as you can imagine, a messy business, not to mention
the potential messiness of drug dealing.  Usually the stains are
limited to the furniture, but occasionally they can get on walls and
floors.  I will do my best to keep your house clean, but I can’t make
any promises to that end.  What I can do, however, is to offer you free
drugs and sex whenever you come to visit — it’s the least I can do for
a trusting and understanding man such as yourself.

As for your request of secretiveness, you have nothing to
worry about there.  I’ve had people killed in the past for "violating
my privacy," and I think most of my "clients" got the message.

Let me know if this still seems ok, and I’ll send along my information ASAP.

~Jef "Blood Stainz" Taylor

Its okay by your email.. All you said is really
understanding… its good you told me all these now.. Well, just try to
make sure the house is taken care off the best it can.. I know its
gonna be messed but just make it okay.. Not totally messed. So email me
your details as well.. can i be part of the drug thing? I can be ..
Depending on you okay.


I wait to read from you.
keep in touch.

Hey, Kenny…

Bad news.  My current
whore-house/drug-dealership was the victim of another (!!!) drive-by
shooting last night, and as a result I have been forced to flee the
Savannah area and temporarily set up residence in Augusta.  Three of my
prostitutes were also — I think — shot dead in the kitchen, along
with one of my clients. 

I’m in real big trouble with a lot of people, Kenny.  I need
help from a friend like you.  Maybe you know some people here in
Augusta, or at the very least know somewhere I can lay low for a few
weeks.  Remember your "oath" to me and please help! 

(I have yet to hear back from Mr. Brown.)

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