covered in blood and urine

Johanna, after her repeated deaths and/or disappearances, is back in town.  So, last night I spent my last night here in the West 34th apartment with her, and her presence made what could have been a depressing night much more tolerable. 

Today, though, I have to pack up and move the rest of my shit, which turns out to be quite a bit, in spite of my best intentions.  Thank god for friends with trucks, is all I’m saying.  Even with the truck, though, moving my queen size bed across town is going to be an adventure.  I’d consider videotaping it, but then it would take longer than it already probably will.

I may not have Internet for a while at the new place, a reality which I find both liberating and disconcerting.  HOW WILL I CHECK MY EMAIL?  I fear I’ll turn into one of those Internet scavengers, whose first instinct upon entering someone else’s apartment is to ask "d’you mind if I check my email real quick?"   Anyway, if you don’t hear from me for a while and find yourself wondering if I’m dead or whatever, there’s my answer/excuse.

And finally, I’m Amtrak-ing home once again on Saturday night, if only because I felt the need to use the voucher they gave me for my last clusterfuck of a journey.  I’m almost hoping that this trip goes equally bad, if only to get another voucher for my return ticket.  If I play my cards right, I may never have to pay for another Amtrak ticket again… 

YOU:  Jef, you’re four days late, and you’re covered in blood and urine.
ME:  Yep, but I got my ticket for free!  Can I use your shower real quick?

2 comments to covered in blood and urine

  • Did you move to NYC? Why. Are you finished with school already? You only left Korea a year ago. Or was it two? No, it was one, right?

  • Jef


    I’m not sure what gave you the impression I moved to NYC, but I did not. I still live in Savannah, and have about two more years left of school. I just moved to a different apartment on the other side of town.

    I left Korea about one year ago, in May of 2005.

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