"coincidental cosmic perfection."

Yesterday, I got stung by a wasp on the set of a movie called WASP.  An occurrence such as this can be interpreted in several ways, but I’m going to go with something like "coincidental cosmic perfection."  In doing so, I have made all the stinging and swelling seem meaningful and worthwhile, as opposed to just painful and annoying.

First time, by the way, with the whole "getting-stung-by-a-wasp" thing.  It hurts, but not nearly as much as I’d been lead to believe.  People like to exaggerate pains to people who haven’t experienced said pains, which brings me to the whole issue of childbirth. 

3 comments to "coincidental cosmic perfection."

  • KV

    Uh…excuse me?

  • Beth

    I feel like a sucker responding to this one, but I must — in part because I agree with the idea that people exaggerate pain you haven’t experienced (particularly if they know you will experience it soom). When I was pregnant, I had incredible numbers of strangers telling me that childbirth would “tear me up” and other such things. Of course, I had my own take after the fact.

    I’m assuming the wasp thing wasn’t an analogy for the actual sensation – I could give you a better one.

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