"Black Holocaust Shrine"

I will be moving in the next several days.  To the East Side.  To a deluxe apartment in the sky.  I kid.  It’s actually a small duplex on the ground, right down the street from the "Black Holocaust Shrine."  Location, location, location.  I’m not happy about having to leave my current apartment, but I’ve come to terms with it — the air in a smaller apartment will be cheaper to condition.

My laptop PC of three years has finally started to go senile, and the aspiring editor in me has been forced to buy another computer.  After many weeks of deliberation, I’ve decided to switch to the Mac team.  I’m tired of viruses and spy-ware, I’m tired of not being able to edit because I don’t have Final Cut, and I’m tired of dealing with hard drives of different formats.  These three issues will be solved, and I won’t have to reboot this old laptop every several hours until my head explodes.  I am keeping the laptop, of course, as it still works well enough for Internet-ing and word process-ing, and it’s been all around the damn world with me.  The Mac will be my editing machine, however, and I’ve already signed on to edit two films next quarter as a result of it’s imminent presence.

Speaking of editing, I’m applying for an editing job with the school in a few hours.  Send vibes of goodness, and stuff.

Also, in an effort to look more like a porn-magnate, I am growing a mustache.

The rest is either not terribly important or not terribly interesting.

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