I blame God

Yeah, so… no — I haven’t posted in a while. There’s been both too much and too little going on to write about, and my brain is still decompressing from last week’s shoot and the Lighting & Field madness that preceded it.

I’ve also been lazy, which is a reality about myself that I continue to come to terms with. It’s also entirely relative — one person’s laziness is another person’s productivity — but my laziness will always remain mine, whatever that means.

I’m going to Atlanta tomorrow with a friend to see a couple of concerts and possibly the world’s largest aquarium. I’ve only experienced Atlanta in passing, and I hear mixed reviews, so I look forward to getting my own perspective on the place.

Last night I went to a party of mostly SCAD students, mostly from the Film & Television department. Art school parties are much like liberal art school parties, except the people who attend them are younger and much more bizarre. I blame God for the former, and I quite enjoy the latter.

I have intentions to post many photos on here, have had these intentions for many months now, but other intentions and obligations have out-prioritized the photo-posting intentions. The problem with digital cameras is that you end up taking an overwhelming number of photos with them.

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