Tussin EC

I seem to have almost fully recovered from my congestion — both emotional and physical.  Wow… how deep is that?  "EMOTIONAL CONGESTION!"  My soul is like a car in rush-hour traffic, man, and they don’t sell no Tussin EC. 

I’m done with my first week of Lighting & Field, which means I’m actually done with my second week.  You do the math.  For my first project I have to recreate a painting with a video camera and lights, and it is going to be hard.  There are many numbers involved, and I can’t just put a light somewhere because it will make the picture more like the painting — I must know exactly why I am putting a light somewhere before I even put it somewhere.  Cinematography is complicated.

Despite having the windows closed for most of the past month, several mosquitos have managed to make their way into my apartment and suck blood from my head while I slept.*  I can now say that I have had a mosquito bite on the top of my head, and that it is one of the more unpleasant places to have a mosquito bite.   

Last night I had a dream that I was getting a kidney transplant, and the night before that I had a dream in which an old friend of mine was trying to harm me by throwing banana pepper juice in my face.  I blame the Benadryl and the Korean film.

*I’m not sure about the tenses in this sentence, and am equally unsure about it’s overall construction.  English grammar is complicated. 

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