magical talking pancake

Yesterday I was planning on posting the sordid details of the most unfortunate Amtrak experience ever, but I didn’t, and tonight I don’t feel like it.  Fuck it, perhaps tomorrow.

In addition to being slightly sick, I am in a foul mood tonight.  The first day of class(es) is tomorrow, and I find myself in need of another week to sort my head out before I return to the other side.  The class I am taking is only five weeks long, but it is going to be an intense five weeks with one project after another after another, and lots of money spent on them.

And then there’s this woman on my mind, but then there’s always women on my mind.  This particular woman, though — I miss her, I wish she was here, I wish she would call and tell me a story about a magical talking pancake.  I know I fall too fast — it’s my thing.

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