"I disappeared in her and she, wondering where I went, left."

~Will Eno

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  • Gerard

    1/2 mile underground , my Birthday , who new ? What happend ? 34 yrs ago I was just like you . A lover of life without a care in the world . Then I met her , Jeannine , the love of my life , She gave me two wonderful boys. A blur in my life . They are gone . They gave my four grand children that I see once a yr. If I go across the country . Once there everything goes by so fast it scare the sh*t out of me . then I come home and start all over again . I have breakfast in the morning and look at Jeannine and wonder if she is as bored as I am . We have said everything and done everything . I retire in 2 yrs . What the fuck am I gonna do . I am extinguished , I have nothing left to offer her .I’m so scared of loosing her. I have to come up with something , Please help me out here , any sugestions would help . I know she loves me she tells my all the time. I need to blow her socks off .She deserves that . What is their out there , travel? done that . food ? done that . drink ? done that . sex ? still doing that .Art ? done that . I have nothing left . What am I gonna do with 24 hour a day on my hands . I guess I could get to know her better, yes thats it , I’ll get to know her better . find out what she is all about , get to know her likes and dislikes
    Thats it , thats it . I think i’m on to something here . this might just work . When I retire I will dedicate the rest of my life to her . I’m gonna be the best friend she’s ever had . I will listen to all her crap ,do everything she wants to do , go where she wants to go , help her with everything and give her the space she needs when she needs it .This is going to be great . looks like I’ve solved my problame here. You know , my wife once told me that I should wright things down when I have a problame , I guess she was right .I guess I better get back to work .
    See you Underground

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