"Eighty percent of success is showing up."
~Woody Allen

I have a paper due tomorrow that I’ve barely started, along with a smorgasbord of other work that is due in the next two weeks, but I need to take a moment here…

There are two primary types of art school students — those who talk, and those who do.  For many years, I was one of those who did quite a bit of talking and relatively little doing, and while I’m not saying that I’m as hard a worker as I could be, I am doing much more than I ever have before, and am doing my best to stop talking.  I am still more critical than I have the right to be, but I justify this with the simple reality that criticism is a part of art school.

What I really want to say, while perhaps completely unrelated to the last paragraph, is this:  More than anything, I have done my best to be reliable and encouraging to the friends I have here, and it really gets to me when I don’t get the same in return.  In this often confusing mess of misguided egos, I don’t need people projecting their insecurities on me — I’ve got enough insecurities of my own to deal with. 

I saw a bumper sticker a week or so ago that read "YOU ARE WHAT YOU HATE."

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