spiritual ass-kissing

Today was an unfortunate one…

-I woke up after only five hours of sleep, having stayed up late writing the second outline of my "Curb" episode for my 9 am comedy writing class. 

-The mean woman at the copy place where I spent $29.32 on copies screwed up and none of the last pages got copied.  This error essentially made the entire copying process worthless, although I think I convinced the class and professor that my story was valid — mostly by holding up an example of a last-page-less outline.

-Speaking of the copy place, they charge $.15 for single-sided copies and $.45 for double-sided copies.  Figure that one out, and then leave a comment with your explanation. 

-I apparently wasn’t chosen as a finalist for any of the institutional scholarships I applied for, which really upsets me as I think I have a pretty strong resume and a ridiculously strong financial need.  The only bright side to this aspect of today is that it freed me from having to spend next week making a portfolio. 

…although I did end up getting half my money back from the copy place for their error, today put me in a mood — a shit mood, a mood which leaves me feeling alone and wondering what in God’s name I am doing.  Then wondering if there even is a God.  Then capitalizing his name in my blog, just in case.  Not his possessive pronoun, though — that would be spiritual ass-kissing.

In other news, I’ve been having serious concerns lately about the time I spend each day in front of a computer screen.  Not health concerns — mental well-being concerns. 

And finally, this afternoon I saw some neighborhood children playing a game I can only refer to as "Gangster," in which they run up and down my street pretending to shoot each other.  Then, tonight I was riding my bike up Bull Street — about to ride through the park as I often do — when I saw three shady looking black guys milling about the park’s entrance, and without hesitating I turned and rode up Barnard instead.   Am I neurotic, a racist, or both?  Figure this one out, and then leave me a comment with your answer.

Good night, and good luck.

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  • beth

    they are charging you for the stress double sided copies make on their duplexer. whereas it is an extra part, 15 cents extra is redonkulous.

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