There are many reasons I haven’t been sleeping well lately.  I have been feeling very out-of-sorts, but instead of pushing the out-of-sortness away — as I have done in the past — I have been doing my best to run with it.  The result has been manic and sleepless, albeit productive. 

The quarter ends on Thursday, and many friends are leaving.  This first year has often felt like a concentration camp must have been like, except without the unfortunate showers and the resultant mass graves.  Also, we have ID cards instead of them David stars.  My point being, you don’t realize exactly what you’ve been through until it is over, or until you are buried in a mass grave, and then you learn to appreciate the people who went through it with you. 

But then, we humans aren’t so great at appreciating anything or anyone until they are gone.  Maybe missing what’s gone is easier than appreciating what’s here. 

I am trying to think of another inappropriate holocaust metaphor to close with, but I got nothin’.

2 comments to reasons

  • Is it strang being around people who a: speak english and b: like many of the smae things you do. I am nervous for this.

  • Jef

    a.) Strange at first, yes, and then boring.
    b.) Nobody likes many of the same things I do.

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