green curry

The feeling that I can’t do this has come earlier this quarter than it did in the previous two, if only because of the reality of my busy-ness has come calling sooner than I’d planned.  With every thought that I’ve signed myself off on more than I can reasonably accomplish comes a thought that it’s best I get used to this sooner rather than later.

That last paragraph was almost obnoxiously thick… I apologize.

My parents’ visit ends tomorrow, after an almost-week of good meals and good wine mixed with the strange and somewhat awkward chemistry that is my family.  Is it ironic that the same impatience I inherited from my father is now often being used against him?  If irony, I imagine it is the most common genetically-spread form.  I wish I had some photos from their visit, but I will have to wait until they email the ones we took with their camera.  Worth the wait, as I am pretending to pick my nose in one of them.

Speaking of photographs, here is one from Beth’s visit…

…we were making green curry.

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