Bee & Bear

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  • Anonymous

    The dubbing doesn’t work for me. But I really like the rest of it. The bee outfit and headgear are priceless…

  • sarah

    things like that make me glad to call you a cousin. tears. freaking hysterical!

  • kitty flippy bing bang

    Good Lord. Freaking out works for you.
    If only you were this funny in person…

  • Ryan

    Head Cancer… Ah Ha HA HA HA

    Ha Ha





    Ha Ha ha


    Oh ha oh



    Ha ha

    oh no


    I think



    Head cancer!




    Is that bad?

  • Anonymous

    great short and great acting. I was almost convinced about the 50:50 pie crust to filling ratio. awesome stuff.

  • No sound on this computer, and it took forever to load and played only sketchily, but this is cambodia.

    Your expressions are classic. Why not spend more time in front of the camera?

  • karla

    wow! that as fantastic! can’t wait to see what else you do…

  • karla

    uh, and by “as fantastic,” i meant “was fantastic.” anyway.

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