meaningless milestone

Another meaningless milestone in the history of Land of the Anxious Dog — an hour ago my site received its 100,000th hit, as someone in Internet-land did a search that elicited this result.  PUPPIES!  PUPPIES!  PUPPIES!

As a reward, of sorts, for you — my faithful, and haphazard, readers — I have started to post some of my short videos on YouTube.  You can find them all by clicking here, or by clicking on the links under "MEATBALL DAY PRODUCTIONS" over there on the left sidebar.  I plan to continue to add videos as I can, so stay tuned.

The Oscars start in ten minutes, so I’m going to end this post by reminding y’all of the prediction I made back in October after seeing the preview for Brokeback Mountain.  I will now add to that prediction — Brokeback Mountain will win best picture, best director, and best most everything else.  I will be happy if Phillip Seymour Hoffman wins, but I doubt that, too.  Stupid Hollywood.


2 comments to meaningless milestone

  • kitty flippy bing bang

    You should have been at my house: Screaming, drinking, score-keeping, and an intervention of sorts. A buffet of stupid! and ridiculous! and everything good!

  • i did a circle jerk to predict the winners. it mostly landed on the piece of bread shaped like jake gyllenhall.

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