I'm busy.

I’m pretty certain that I bombed my Art History exam this afternoon.  I’m told the professor grades on a bell curve — I’ll be happy if I get a C.  Lesson learned:  Study harder for the next exam.  Duh.

I’ve got a Postproduction midterm on Thursday, a take-home Screenwriting midterm due on Monday, a Postproduction project due next Tuesday, and the first draft of my screenplay due next Wednesday.  I’m busy.

Meanwhile my head continues to examine thoughts of what exactly my life is right now, of what it means to be thirty-two and pursuing my MFA in Film, of this concept of perspective that I’ve been desperately clinging to.  All while continually searching for the overwhelming self-confidence and discipline that my current circumstances require.

And right now I need to get some studying done before I go to work.

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