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I have an Art History exam on Tuesday, mostly on the Renaissance. Art History is one of those classes where the quality of the teacher is essential to one’s enjoyment of the material, and (hopefully) vis-a-vis one’s success in the class. I did a good deal of research (mostly through to find the professor that most students considered the best, and after having finished the fourth week of class, I am convinced that I made the right choice. My professor clearly loves to teach, and loves what he teaches, and as a result his class is often one that I look forward to attending. He also, however, wants his students to learn the material, and as a result I’m told that his exams are very difficult… he grades on a bell curve.

My point being, I should be studying for the exam instead of posting this.

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  • Jesus Christ. I’ve never seen anybody who’s so reliant on reviews written by strangers. Now it’s creeping into other aspects of your life. Now you’re reading reviews written by humans about other humans? Where does it end?
    The forming of independent opinion is so important. Professional critics are just bottom feeders living off the scraps of brilliance and stupidity that float down to them. And they all have a lifetime of failure on their backs that they use to taint opinions all over the world. On a scale of vocational dignity, I tend to place “professional critics” somewhere between “professional racists” and “professional children’s skull rapists.” And now with the Internet, amateur critics are spreading like a fungus.
    Sorry, I’m just blowing off steam. I’m not judging. Do what you want. It’s just my opinion. But it is my opinion, at least.
    I didn’t nick it off of

  • Jef

    Last quarter two of my professors were complete shit, and this quarter all three of them are great, primarily because I was able to find out what OTHER STUDENTS thought of them before taking the class. If that makes me “reliant on reviews written by strangers” to get the best education for my money, then so be it.

    Your grudge against “professional critics” is all well and good, but it doesn’t really apply in this case. Next time you judge me (yes, you were), make sure it’s valid first.

  • actually i just wanted to come up with funny website names

  • Jef

    Well, in that regard you failed as well, according to “professional critics.”

    You lost me at

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