My last post in 2005. 

My last post written while watching a crappy female comedian on Comedy Central in 2005.  She just said: "once you’ve had crack, you can’t go black."  A fat white woman said this, and I’m wondering if I’m just confused, or if I really am having trouble understanding a joke that is apparently funny to most of America.

Now there’s a commercial for "Girls Gone Wild Games."  Only $9.95 (plus shipping and handling), and if you order by credit card, you get a copy of "Girls Gone Wild Co-Ed Tryouts" for free. 

The comedian is now back, and has just declared "Todd" to be "the gayest name [she] ever heard."  Now she’s making fun of "cripples and retards," which gives her Jef-cred, but she’s doing it a benign soccer mom sorta way, which angers me.

My last time being angry at the way a fat white comedian on Comedy Central makes fun of "cripples and retards."  In 2005. 

I had a remarkably twisted and magical 2005, and I think that much of my present malaise is concern that 2006 will not stack up, that no year will ever stack up. 

Is this nostalgia?  Probably.

I resolve to make 2006 insane with remarkability, and I bid you do the same.

The Counting Crows song "A Long December" is on a compilation entitled "BUZZ BALLADS."  You can order it now by calling 1-800-506-7171 or by logging on to

The female comedian just finished telling a series of jokes about large black genitals.  Innovative.  Edgy.  All that.

Happy birthday, Dean.  Here’s some traffic.  You are a good friend, and the only person impossible to offend… thanks for both.  We drink absinthe in funny wigs (again) tomorrow.

My last post in 2005.

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