…ok, then.

Things I mean to write, but don’t..

  • If I wasn’t so neurotic, I’d probably be fat.
  • Being single makes me miss every one of my ex-girlfriends–some more than others, but each with distinct fragments of regret.  Some fragments are bigger than others.
  • Life was much simpler in Asia.  I also felt more confident and popular than I do in America, or at least it seems so now.
  • Sometimes I feel like spirituality is just another manifestation of an omnipresent death-comprehension insanity.  Like alcoholism, or consumerism, or you get the idea.
  • I bought some stuff at Wal-Mart this afternoon.
  • I called Lauren earlier tonight–she wasn’t home, I didn’t leave a message.
  • I have trouble understanding why people continue to tolerate my behavior, or at least why they don’t say anything about it.  Perhaps I surround myself with encouragers/ignorers/enablers/…whatever.
  • It makes me uncomfortable to talk about my blog in person, or to be present when someone is reading it. 

…ok, then.

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