confuse Chaplin

Not much to write home about, which makes sense seeing as I am at home.  I have had too much free time with which to watch movies and dwell about the insane amount of debt I am going into as I learn how to make movies.  Yes, other people go into insane amounts of debt in grad school, but most of them are pursuing something that is likely to give them a high-paying job to facilitate paying it off once they are done.  I don’t doubt that this is what I should be doing, I just question my sanity as I spend a dollar a minute to actually do it.  Sigh.

I figured out how to make new videos look like old silent movies with After Effects today, which was fun and strangely post-modern.  All this time and effort trying to make movies look and sound perfect, now there’s a computer program with which you can make them look crappy again–I think this breakthrough would confuse Chaplin.

In other news, I feel more out-of-touch with myself than I have for quite some time, and I am trying to figure out why.  I let you know when I do, perhaps.


Home.  Decompression.  Sleep interrupted by dreams of projects unfinished, only to wake to projects finished and Thanksgiving morning.  A nice break from my new life, this.

The drive home began uneventfully enough, but eventually ran into a blizzard on the top of a mountain in West Virginia.  A complete whiteout at two in the morning–we had to pull over.  Eventually, I drove us very slowly down the mountain and to the first exit with a hotel.  Everything was booked for miles–apparently we weren’t the only ones traveling home for Thanksgiving.  We ended up at a Holiday Inn about fifteen miles off of I-77, near the New River Gorge.  By the time we finally slept it was after four in the morning.  The next day, too, began uneventfully enough, but eventually ran into a progressively worsening snowstorm that peaked right as we got into the Cleveland area.  We started missing Savannah, we considered turning around.  I got home safely at about six last night, she got home safely about four hours later.

Before going to bed, I spent several hours watching old Super 8 films that my grandfather (and others) shot years ago.  My parents’ wedding, my sister’s first Christmas, the first moon landing (on TV), one of my first birthdays… strange to realize that not only did my grandfather have the same obsession with recording life as I do, but that he saw life through a lens in much the same way as I do.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

At this point

The last day of the quarter = today.  I have two more classes–one project to turn in and one final exam to take–and then I will be crossing the bridge and heading north.  I am still sick, although I do feel a bit better today than I did yesterday… I’m sure I’ll feel much better once I’m done with my Art History final.

So, I’ll see some of you soon, and some of you I won’t see until January, and some of you I will never see.  At this point I must continue studying Romanesque and Gothic art.

almost incomprehensible

I finally found an ideal place to live when I return to Savannah in January–a furnished two-bedroom apartment about five blocks closer to downtown.  It’s a great place, and I’ll be living in it by myself for less than I’m paying here, and I’ll have a dishwasher… I have never had my own dishwasher before.

I don’t move in until January, however, so tomorrow I have to borrow a truck and move all my furniture and crap to temporary holiday storage in friends’ apartments.  So, I am trying to pack while editing my Video Production final tonight, both while feeling rather sick.  I have so much to do before I leave town in two days, the concept of everything actually getting done is almost incomprehensible. 






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