Poop. Poop. Huzzah!

It is now October first, two-thousand and five, which means that it is also the second anniversary of Land of the Anxious Dog.  Yes, two years ago, as I was haphazardly preparing to move to South Korea, I began this here website with this here post.  Now, two years on, sitting here in my room in Savannah, I am amazed that it has only been two years since I began this.  They were two years, to be sure–I’d go into how much change has transpired in them, but that would be strangely repetitive.

That being said, it was easier to write in here when I was living in South Korea, for whatever reason.  I don’t feel as comfortable being candid in here from America, although perhaps this will change eventually.  It has also been easier to neglect this well-intended mess from America, but I blame the mass-media here for that.  George Bush, too… I blame him for my bad bowel movements, and for my website-laziness.

People keep tuning in, though, so I’ll keep intermittently posting my narcissistic ramblings interspersed with digital photographs and Voltaire quotes.  I’ve expressed doubts about my legitimacy as a blogger to friends, and they seem to think that I have "a voice" which somehow substantiates (right word?)  my existence here on the Internet.  Ok. 

Poop.  Poop.  Huzzah!

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