Peter MacNicol

I woke up at seven this morning to go to a "coffee talk" (as part of the Film Festival) which was supposed to be an informal discussion about whether or not movies are getting dumber, but which was actually a fairly awkward diatribe about everything but. 

I got there early, in a fairly pathetic (and failed) effort to score points (and a festival pass) from the chairman of the Film & TV department.  Some of the other first-year grads had arrived earlier than I, and as I was pouring myself a cup of coffee one of them said something to the effect of "You look sexy in the morning, Jef." To which I responded with a mumbled something or other about how I haven’t been up that early in a long time.   Whatever.

As I was pouring my coffee, this guy came up to me and said "Jef?" and I responded "yes" and shook his hand.  He looked strangely familiar, and he immediately started talking to me as if we’d met somewhere before, while my sleep deprived brain desperately tried to figure out where I knew him from.  Did I meet him at a party?  Is he a professor?  Does he work in the cage?  We had a short conversation about how getting up early is the norm for the industry I’m heading towards, and I stirred some sugar in my coffee and went and sat down.

As soon as the "coffee talk" began, I realized that I’d actually been speaking to Peter MacNicol–the actor best known for his roles in Ally McBeal and Ghostbusters II, among others.  He was a really nice guy, actually, and I still feel like a bit of a tool for initially thinking he was a sociopath.

3 comments to Peter MacNicol

  • Aunt Rosamarinara

    How Cool. Peter MacNicol. I’ve liked him since I first saw him in Dragonslayer, and I love the show Numb3rs.

  • he’s really funny on harvey birdman. very over the top.
    so what’s the deal, was he hitting on you?

  • Jef

    He’s on “Harvey Birdman?” I had no idea, yet a newfound respect.

    I don’t think he was hitting on me, I honestly just think he was being friendly, which I interpreted as sociopathy at the time.

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