one blog that I hate

If there’s one blog that I hate more than any other, it would definitely be My Defective Life, so here is my vicious parody of it:

Things I Did This Past Weekend Mixed in with People Who I Am Glad I Am Not

1.  Had a ten-minute conversation with a wrong number.

2.  The author of My Defective Life.

3.  Swung a large Scottish sword.

4.  Anyone who edits law books and goes to women-only music festivals.

5.  Urinated behind a dumpster in Georgia.

6.  Anyone who thinks that Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Vol. 1) is a movie.

7.  Listened to the new Paul McCartney album in a blue Beetle.

8.  Anyone who admits to listening to Hole in the past week.

9.  Saw James Cameron’s nephew vomit in Telfair Square.

10.  Laura Bush.

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