monkeys with eye patches

I am now here in Savannah, Georgia, and it is as beautiful and picturesque as everyone lead me to believe it would be.  Brick streets shaded by canopies of Spanish moss are about as romantic as it gets (hurry up and get here, Lauren).

I had my first mint julep last night at the Pirate’s House, it was minty and delicious.  I dreamt of doubloons and monkeys with eye patches, and woke up with an urge to pilfer.  I have yet to satiate that urge, but I am looking forward to my next mint julep.

Today I checked-in to SCAD, and was rewarded with a tote bag and a tee-shirt.  I also found out what time my classes are at, and I am happy to report that my earliest class is at noon.  None of this getting-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn thing for me, at least not this quarter.

And Ophelia is still apparently on her way here, albeit not directly.  I would add something here about how the hurricane might go crazy and kill herself before she makes landfall, but that would be just stupid. 

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