I like pineapple.

So I’ve been living in Savannah for a little over a week, and I am remarkably happy and comfortable here thus far.  I had my first (half) week of classes last week, and I’m relatively excited about all of them–good professors, great facilities.  The town, too, continues to draw me in with its strange combination of beauty, eccentricity, and strong drinks-ity.  More than anything, however, it’s nice to be in a place where everyone I know is an artist of one sort or another, and enjoys talking about art.  I’ve never been in a community like this, and although it does require some effort to filter out the douche-bags, it is ultimately really cool (for lack of a better word).

Douche-bag = the guy who filled several jars with chewed-up oranges and tried to pass it off as modern art.  I haven’t seen the exhibit, but I’m told he claimed to be making a statement about our disposable culture, or some such bullshit. 

Oh, and apparently Spanish Moss isn’t actually a moss, but is actually a member of the pineapple family.  I like pineapple.

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