I am in grad school.

The departmental orientation was yesterday afternoon, and I left feeling both reassured at the quality of the education I’m going to receive and overwhelmed at the amount of work that it’s going to require.  Right–I am in grad school.

Afterward, I went out for dinner and drinking with some of the other first-year grad students.  As usually happens when drinking with relative strangers, things started off rather awkwardly and ended rather twistedly.  I ate my first craw fish and shucked my first oyster, and enjoyed the former much more than the latter.  I also took advantage of the Savannah "to go cup" phenomenon, wherein one can take an unfinished drink with them so long as it is in a plastic (to go) cup… a good phenomenon, to be sure.  We ended up at a (n apparently notorious) bar called "Pinky Masters"–it had character (see: mangled vinyl booths) and (apparently) cheap Pabst Blue Ribbon.  After several hours in there, it became evident that some of my classmates have issues with alcohol–one of them, in particular, was shouting at passing cars and asking complete strangers for marijuana.  He ended up disappearing towards the end of the night, only to be found sitting on the ground on a street corner several blocks away.  I repeatedly shouted "BOO!" at a passing Savannah Ghost Tour trolley, and taped some of the goings on with my digital camera.   

Actually, here is the video of me yelling "BOO!" at a passing Savannah Ghost Tour trolley. 

Right–I am in grad school.

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  • Rybo

    Pinky’s can be trouble from my experiences. (See swiming in the Forsyth park foutain in my underwear)

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