Cleveland, last night




5 comments to Cleveland, last night

  • Rybo

    Great shots of good old C-town. Looks like you did some climbing to get some of those. Good luck in Savannah. We’ll try to get down there soon.

  • Anonymous

    just curious, but did you ever receive that free ipod??
    by the way, nice shots.

  • Jef

    No… I have (sheepishly) concluded that the free Ipod thing was a scam.

    And thanks… for the kudos.

  • mo

    beautiful, again and again.

    i went to a photo opening exhibit last night. i conclude this: how you have not been discovered or offered an exhibit is just plain ridiculous.

    damn, i feel lucky to know someone so talented.

    rrrrockkkk on with your pretty pics, jeff. rock on.


  • kitty flippy bing bang

    Pretty. Can I get a copy of that last one?

    Safe journey to the Southland my friend.

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