Nothing is predictable.

You wake up one morning and you’re in a different bed, in a different town, in a different life.  This isn’t the life you’d imagined you’d have, but it never is.  And it isn’t that this life of yours is bad–it is, in actuality, quite good–it’s just that it is different than the one you’d imagined, is always different than the one you’d imagined.

Attempts at clinging to the past, to the life you thought you’d be living, generally fail.  So all that is left to do is to embrace this new and unexpected life, town, bed while remembering that the past was just as new and unexpected in its day, and that the future will continue to defy the expectations you stubbornly continue to have. 

Nothing is predictable. 

The Trapeze Swinger

      The Trapeze Swinger -- Iron & Wine

Walk tall, kick ass


dead bodies

Yesterday, I got pulled over for speeding in a Korean rental car in southern South Carolina.  I was speeding–I was in a hurry to get here in time for the rehearsal dinner.  When I told him that I was a SCAD student, the police officer asked me if I had any "drugs, guns, or dead bodies" in the car.  Umm…

Despite the ticket (I got a ticket), I made it from Savannah to Richmond in about seven hours, and to the rehearsal dinner on time.  The dinner was fun, despite the fact that I was exhausted and my ass was sore.  It’s rare to catch up with  a group of friends after not having seen most of them in seven years, to see how they’ve changed while still remaining fundamentally the same.  Perhaps it’s our eyes that don’t change.

strange white patches

I’ve but ten minutes before my video production class begins, so this may be brief…

I finally went to a dermatologist this morning to see about these strange white patches on my arm and face, and it turns out I am not dying after all.  It is, apparently, vitiligo, and I was given some medicine to rub on it twice a day.  I am also supposed to get some blood work done, but I am going to put it off until next week… I am not good with the needles. 

This weekend I am driving up to Richmond, Virginia for the wedding of an old college friend of mine.  I am looking forward to it, as I haven’t seen most of the people who will (apparently) be there since graduation.  Haphazard communication, mind you, but no seeing.  This is the group of friends with whom I felt comfortable (and/or drunk) enough to imitate Nell ("Tay in the wiiinn!") and sing the hard-rocking part of "Sister Christian."  Yes, it should be an interesting weekend.   

Must learn now.

Telfair Square


one blog that I hate

If there’s one blog that I hate more than any other, it would definitely be My Defective Life, so here is my vicious parody of it:

Things I Did This Past Weekend Mixed in with People Who I Am Glad I Am Not

1.  Had a ten-minute conversation with a wrong number.

2.  The author of My Defective Life.

3.  Swung a large Scottish sword.

4.  Anyone who edits law books and goes to women-only music festivals.

5.  Urinated behind a dumpster in Georgia.

6.  Anyone who thinks that Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Vol. 1) is a movie.

7.  Listened to the new Paul McCartney album in a blue Beetle.

8.  Anyone who admits to listening to Hole in the past week.

9.  Saw James Cameron’s nephew vomit in Telfair Square.

10.  Laura Bush.


"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."